Payments & Transactions

You can find your account details, including the IBAN, by taking the following steps:

View the step by step video guide


follow the written instructions below

→Go to.


→Select Personal or Corporate accounts

→Go to the Accounts tab on the left side of your screen

→ Click on the Account that you need the information for

→ You IBAN is shown under the account number.

Sikirapay Mobile app

→ Sign in to your Sikirapay account

→ go to the Accounts tab

→ Click on the Account that you need the information for

→ Your IBAN is shown under the account number.

The processing time for outgoing transfers depends on the transfer type. Internal system transfers are instant. SEPA transfers take between 1-2 business days. SWIFT transfers take between 3-5 business days.

International outgoing/incoming bank transfers in other currencies than EUR are available only via our Shared IBAN service. To order accounts in other currencies, please submit a SWIFT order form and we will get back to you with the most suitable solution for your transactional needs.

We charge 1,85€ when you deposit money to your Sikirapay account via a bank transfer. However, when making an international payment, the sender can choose you as the party that covers the outgoing transfer fees. The processing fee is determind by the senders bank. Additionally, when receiving SWIFT transfers, the correspondent (intermediary) bank may deduct processing fees, hence a smaller amount can be credited to your account.


In case a transfer that was sent to you has not been credited to your account, you should obtain a payment confirmation from the sender and send it to our Customer Support team at or via chat.

If you made a transfer to a wrong IBAN, please immediately notify our Support Team at or via chat and ask them to initiate a Payment Recall.

Please note, that if the transfer has already been credited to the recipient’s account, we will not be able to reverse the transaction. In this case, we would advise to contact the recipient directly and ask for a return.

To make an internal transfer, you will only need the short account number of the recipient. Sign in to your account. Choose the “Make payment,”. Select the recipient “Beneficiary”. If the Beneficiary can not be found you can add the Beneficiary by clicking “Add beneficiary”. After selecting the beneficiary, you will be requested to enter the amount of the transaction and confirm the payment. The transfer will be executed instantly.


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