Banking Basics

How Neobanks Make Money

With finance undergoing a digital revolution, the demand for seamless digital banking experiences is higher than ever. While traditional banks scramble to adapt, neobanks are

Currency Exchange Fees
Banking Basics

Tackling High Currency Exchange Fees: Alternatives You Need to Know

In an increasingly globalized world, the need to transact in multiple currencies is more prevalent than ever, whether for business, travel, or online shopping. However, the sting of high currency exchange fees can take a significant toll on your wallet.

block accounts

Why Does SikiraPay Block Accounts

Every bank is obligated to fight financial crime, and SikiraPay is committed to this responsibility. As a regulated entity, adhering to these legal mandates is not only our duty but a necessity.

financial markets
Banking Basics

Financial Markets

Financial markets are a vital component of the global economic system, facilitating the exchange of financial instruments like stocks, bonds, currencies, and derivatives among participants.