Acceptable Use Policy

  1. Acceptable Use Policy

This acceptable use policy defines the conditions under which you can access our Services. It applies every time you access and use our Services. 

You are not allowed to 

You can only use our Services for legitimate purposes.

You are forbidden to use our Services in the following manner:

  • In any manner that violates any relevant local, national or international legislation or regulations;
  • In any way which is illegal or fraudulent, or has any unlawful or fraudulent purpose or effect;
  • To harm or attempt to harm minors in any manner;
  • For anything that is abusive or fails to meet our content standards;
  • For any unsolicited or unauthorized publicity or promotional material or any other form of spam; 
  • Or engage in harmful programs such as viruses or spyware, or similar computer codes designed to impair the functioning of any computer software or hardware.
  • We do not provide our Services to businesses 

Industry Restrictions- SEPA in/out 

  1. Adult Industry 
  2. Arms and Ammunition 
  3. Cryptocurrencies – nonregulated (case by case if a country does not have the licensing procedure) 
  4. Trust 
  5. Nonregulated Gaming/Gambling- Regulated high-risk offshore jurisdictions such as Curacao, BVI, Seychelles etc.Other Jurisdictions, on a case by case 
  6. Tobacco, drugs, and alcohol 
  7. Nonregulated Forex – Regulated high-risk offshore jurisdictions such as Curacao, BVI, Seychelles etc. 
  8. Nonregulated Investment 

Industry Restrictions- SWIFT in/out 

  1. Adult Industry 
  2. Arms and Ammunition 
  3. All Cryptocurrencies 
  4. Trust 
  5. Gaming/Gambling 
  6. Tobacco, drugs, and alcohol 
  7. Nonregulated Forex – Regulated high-risk offshore jurisdictions such as Curacao, BVI, Seychelles etc. Not serviced by Pyrros 
  8. Nonregulated Investment        

  9. You also agree to:
  • Do not copy or use any part of our Services in breach of the provisions of our Client Agreement;
  • Not to access without authority, interfere with, damage or disrupt:
  • Any part of our Services;
  • Any equipment or network on which our Web site is located;
  • Any software used to provide the Services;
  • Any equipment, network or software owned or operated by a third party.  

  • Content standards

  • These content standards apply to any content (document) you use in presenting – contributing to our Services.
  • Content must:

    • Be accurate;
    • Comply with applicable law in Lithuania and any country from which they are posted or related to.

    Content must not:

    • Contain defamatory material
    • Promote sexually explicit material;
    • Promote violence;
    • Be likely to mislead a person;
    • Pose a threat in any way, abuse or invade another person’s privacy, or cause unnecessary boredom, inconvenience or anxiety;
    • Contain any obscene, abusive, hateful or inflammatory documents;
    • Advocate, promote or assist any illegal act such as (for example only) copyright infringement or improper use of computers.
    • Promote discrimination on the grounds of race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age;
    • Be made in violation of any legal obligation towards a third party, such as a contractual or trust obligation;
    • Promote any illegal activity;
    • Be likely to harass, disturb, embarrass, alarm or annoy another person;
    • Be used to impersonate a person or to make a false declaration of identity or affiliation with a person;
    • Violate any copyright, database or trademark rights of any other person;
    • Create the impression that they have a relationship with us; if not;

    These content standards apply to any content (document

    Suspension and termination

We shall determine whether there has been a breach of this Acceptable Use Policy.

We take any violation of this policy seriously and may take the following steps:

  • Immediate, temporary or permanent withdrawal of your right to use our Services;
  • Suspend or cancel your payment orders and take any other measures we deem necessary;
  • Immediate, temporary or permanent removal of any signage or material you have uploaded;
  • Give a warning;
  • Take legal action against you, including a procedure for the refund of all expenses on an “all expenses” basis;
  • Reporting and releasing information to police authorities.

  • Changes to the acceptable use policy

We may review this acceptable usage policy by amending this page. However, we recommend checking this regularly because it is legally binding for you.