How do I INVITE someone to open an account?

To open a bank account with us, the person must be invited by an affiliate.

As our affiliate, you can invite someone to open an account in 3 ways:


2.Send “Short link”

3.Send “Affiliate Code” only

Watch this video on how to

1. Invite a new user

2.Create a short link

or follow the written instructions below.


Click on the link below to SIGN IN to your marketing partner account

Go to Log IN

Select “Affiliate Partner”

You will see the image below

Enter below SIGN IN

Username: email you entered at registration

Password: Password you entered at registration

Click on “SIGN IN”

You will see the image below

Click on

  1. User management
  2. Users
  3. Click on “INVITE USER”

Enter details of the person you are inviting

First name:

Family name:

email address:

Select: User = if you are inviting someone to open an account 

Marketing Partner = if you are inviting someone to become a marketing partner

Click on INVITE 

That’s it.

The person you have invited will receive an invitation email from you. The person shall click on “REGISTER” to come to our account application form.

The picture below.

You name and family name and affiliate code will be shown to the applicant.

Some invitations can end up in the Spam box, so remind them to check it in case they have not received the Invitation.


What is a Short Link?
A short link is a link with your personal code embedded in it. It is the same link that the person receives when you send an Invite User, but it is easier for you to send a short link. You can save it on your phone or computer and send it to potential customers via whatsapp, viber, sms, etc.

 How to create a short link

Please, See the video above or read the written instruction below

Log in to your account

Go to “Referral code.”

Click on the code below “Referral code” ( see the red arrow, the image below) 

Now you have created a short link. ( this is an example of how my short link looks like. Your link will have your code.)


When should I use the short link?

The short link is a very quick way to send an account opening invitation. Much faster than “Invite User” because you do not have to log in to your account.

You can create the quick link, copy it and save it to your phone or computer.

Suppose the situation is not convenient or could be more convenient to log into your account; (meeting etc); you can send the short link you have saved on your phone or computer to someone who wants to apply for an account with us.

The short link is the only option when advertising on social networks, affiliate platforms, etc. When people click on this link, they are registered under you by default.


You should keep this in mind!

When the person clicks on the short link you have sent via email, SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, etc., an account opening form will be displayed. At the bottom of the form, only your affiliate code will be displayed. Your first and last name will not be displayed, unlike when you send an “Invite User”, where your first and last name will be displayed along with your referral code. The person who clicks on the short link, fills in the form and submits it will be linked to your code and registered under you. All applicants will be registered as users (account holders only) in our system. Therefore, if you are inviting someone to become an Affiliate Partner, do not use the short link, but use the “Invite user” option, where you can select the “Marketing Partner” status.


Where to find an Affiliate code and when to use your Affiliate code

You can even use your Affiliate code to invite someone to open an account. You can find your Affiliate code by logging into your account and clicking on

Profile. Scroll down until you get to your Referral code. See the picture above

Referral code


You should keep it in mind

The affiliate code is not a link.
If you only send an affiliate code to a potential customer, they will not be able to click on the code to access the application form.

They will have to type our website address into their browser and follow the instructions below.

To access the form, the applicant should go to

and click on Open Individual Account

In the footer of the form, where it says Referral Code, the applicant will enter the Affiliate Code you sent them.

This way of inviting a potential customer to open an account means much more work for the applicant and a greater risk of losing a prospect.

Your name will not appear on the form if the applicants use the code.

The person who completed and submitted the form will be linked to your code and registered under you.

Our recommendation is to invite customers to open an account by using
Your name and affiliate code will be filled in automatically by the system. You can choose to invite the person to open an account as
a)User (account only)
b)Marketing Partner
This creates a sense of security, reliability and personal connection.
Your affiliate code will be automatically entered by the system, but your first and last name will not be displayed. All applicants are registered as users. ( account holder).