How to INVITE somebody to oppen an account

1. Click on the link below to SIGN IN to your marketing partner account

You will see the image below

Enter below SIGN IN

Username: email you entered at registration

Password: Password you entered at registration

Click on “SIGN IN”

You will see the image below

Click on

  1. User management
  2. Users
  3. Click on “INVITE USER”

Enter details of the person you are inviting

First name:

Family name:

email address:

Select: User = if you are inviting someone to open an account and order a card only

Marketing Partner = if you are inviting someone to become a marketing partner

Click on INVITE 

That’s it.

The person you have invited will receive an invitation email from you. The person shall click on “REGISTER” to come to our account – card order application form.

The picture below.

Some invitations can end up in the Spam box, so remind them to check it in case they have not received the Invitation.


Log in to your account

Go to “Referral code”

Click on the code below “Referral code”

Now you have created a short link. ( this is an example of how my short link looks like. Your link will have your code.)

You may use this short link in your e-mails, text messages etc.

As soon as someone clicks on the link, it is saved into your network.

Kind regards

Team Sikirapay
Sikirapay Partner Network
13644 Stockholm