How to complete an account opening application

How to complete an account opening application form

Please fill in all application details as accurately as possible and make sure that all personal information is correct before submitting the application to the compliance team.

No need to rush. Take the time to read the instructions, then follow them, and you can save a lot of time and energy.

You can choose to take a break whenever you feel and continue later. Just log out and log in when it suits you. 

If you need assistance with the application, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at

We will gladly assist you in completing your application.

Before starting the application process, please prepare the documents you will need later to ensure a seamless application process.

Document 1:

To verify your identity: Your ID, driving licence or Passport. The ID or Driving licence is optional if the Passport has been used for the verification.

Document 2:

Proof of address:

Any document with your name and address not older than 3 months. Examples: ID card with your address, employment contract, bank statement, electricity bill, water bill, loan repayment letter, lease contract, tax agency letter, phone bill, etc.)

View the step by step video guide on “How to fill in/complete your account application”

When you come to “Purpose for account opening”

Enter as in the picture below. (BANKING)

Your account has been approved


Follow instructions

Choose new password or use the old one

Set up Google Authenticator

You may find the Google Authenticator application in the APP Store for Iphone or GOOGLE PLAY FOR the Android. It looks like in the picture below

Please download the Google Authenticator app on your smartphone and scan the QR code displayed.
Once you scan it and it is set up on your device, please confirm the  one time password it provides you.

Click on “Complete Now”

You will see the image below.

Your registration is complete.

You can lo onto Sikirapay.

You are ready now to log in to your account at Sikirapay

Go to


Personal accounts

Your email

Your Password

And you are in.


Suppose you can not complete the application for any reason. Do not worry. You can SIGN OUT and SIGN IN whenever you want.
Click the link below to continue with your applications

Enter your e-mail and password.

Click on “Sign in”

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Team Sikirapay

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