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To change your contact details, please contact our Customer Support team at support@sikirapay.eu.


At Sikirapay we aim for an improved user experience, while maintaining high security standards. For this purpose, we have Two-factor Authentication (2FA) in place for your Sikirapay account, which adds an extra layer of security that protects your account from unauthorized access and keeps your money safe at all times. With 2FA you will be required to enter both your password and a Google Authenticator One-time Password (OTP) sent to you each time you sign in to your Sikirapay account, as well as any time you are making an outgoing transfer.


The security of your account is Sikirapay’s top priority. This is why we have made available a two-step verification process that provides an additional layer of protection to keep your money and personal data safe at all times.

How It Works

  1. The system will request you to enter your usual password.
  2. You will then receive a Google Authenticator one-time password (OTP) via our mobile app
  3. Once you receive the OTP, you will need to enter it and click “Sign in” to log into your account.

The payment execution process will also be slightly different:

Once you enable OTP two-factor authentication, you will no longer need a transaction verification code. By enabling OTP 2FA, you will be able to send payments using OTP, which will be sent to your mobile device.

What is Google Authenticator?

Two-step verification provides a second layer of protection when logging in.
Choosing strong, unique passwords for your online accounts is essential in ensuring that your personal information remains private. You must enable 2-step verification in your Google Account to use Google Authenticator. Get started by visiting http://www.google.com/2step

You can find a Google Authenticator in the App store and Google Play.

  1. Download Google Authenticator..you will see image below
  2. Scan the QR code
  3. Follow instructions
  4. If you need more info about Google Authenticator visit 
  5. http://www.google.com/2step


  1. Log into the Sikirapay mobile app using your password.
  2. Go to My Profile > Two-factor authentication > Tap the “Enable” button. Please read the information carefully and tap the “Done” button.
  3. You have enabled 2FA for your Sikirapay account!

Please note:

If you are using the Sikirapay app on multiple devices, you will first need to select a “master device” and enable 2FA on it in order for it to become a “trusted device”.


You can disable 2FA for your Sikirapay account – through the Sikirapay mobile app. Go to My Profile> Two-Factor authentication> Tap the “Disable” button.


If 2FA is disabled, you will still be able to log into your account, but the system will not allow you to access its functionality. Deactivation should only be performed when you are reinstalling the Sikirapay app or changing the “trusted device”.

Why Is It Useful?

2FA serves as an additional layer of security. When 2FA is enabled, you can be sure that any potential hacking attempts will be immediately detected and stopped.

2FA will give you the ability to protect your Sikirapay account with not only your password but also a special security key. The latter will be issued on a one-time basis. You will only be able to access and use it once through the Sikirapay app.

Additional notes:

For Android users: If you need to reinstall the Sikirapay app on your device, please disable 2FA on your account. After that, reinstall the app and re-enable 2FA on the device. If you reinstall the Sikirapay app without disabling 2FA, you will reset your “master device” settings. In this case, you will need to contact customer support to regain access to your account and disable 2FA.

For iOS users: There is no need to disable 2FA on your device when reinstalling the Sikirapay app. All technical settings are tied to your Apple ID.

If your “trusted device” has been stolen or lost, please contact our customer support immediately to temporarily suspend your account.


To login to your bank account, follow the steps below:

Go to:


2.Select language

3.Click on Log in

4.Select “Individual accounts”

5.Enter your data:



Google authenticator code

6.Click  Sign in


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