1.How to order your card 2.How to Activate Your Card 3.How to Top Up your card 4.How to Report Stolen 5.Register My Card( only for additional card users)

1.How to order your Sikirapay Mastercard

Once your account is approved and you have completed your registration you can LOG IN to your account to order your card.

  1. Please view this instructional step by step video guide on How to order a card


follow the written instructions below

Go to


Select LOG IN

Select: Personal account

Enter the required LOG IN data in the form below

Click on SIGN IN (red arrow) and you will come to your account.

Click on NEW CARD (red arrow)

Click on CONFIRM (red arrow)

Enter the required data


Card holder name:

If you order card for yourself then you enter your personal data.

Suppose,  you order card for your dotter then you enter your dotters name.

Physical address: Enter your residence address

Example: You live in Sweden and want the card to be delivered to your address in Sweden. You enter your address in Sweden.

Shipping address:  You can get your cards delivered wherever you want, no limits, worldwide.

If this address is same as your Physical address you do not have to do anything, your card will be delivered to this address.

But if you want your card or the additional card (suppose to your dotter which lives in Germany) to be delivered to any address in the world you will have to enter data in the Shipping address fields.

Example: You order one  additional card to your dotter which lives in Germany so you enter your dotter address in Germany in the Shipping address fields. 

Cllick on CREATE. (red arrow)

Your card will be created within a several minutes. Your physical card will be delivered to the address you stated in the form within 5 to 10 days.

2. How to activate your card

Now you have received your Sikirapay Prepaid MasterCard.

All the card functions will be enabled as soon as you make your first transaction at an ATM or a POS. Please restrain from using the contactless feature to make your first transaction; this is necessary in order to activate the card chip.

You need to do before using your card


Make sure you use a permanent ink pen.


See the step by step video guide on How to activate your card

or follow the written instruction below

Log into your Sikirapay account online.

Click on “Home”, “Manage cards”, “All cards”

 “Activate” button…see the image below

Read the Card user Agreement and click on 

“Agree”, image below

You will see the image below


You are given your PIN at the point of activation.

To see your PIN click on “View Pin”,the  image below

You must use the PIN you were given when activating the card to make your first purchase. Insert your card in the POS to turn on the chip.

You can change your PIN by clicking on “Change Pin” or by using PIN services at an ATM Machine. PIN changing in the ATM machine is free of charge. Do not write you PIN down or disclose it do anyone.

You can use your PIN in conjunction with your card to make purchases without cash wherever you see the MasterCard logo, wherever the merchant is equipped with terminals capable of handling PIN’s. In addition, you can obtain cash from an ATM should your card allow.
You can make contactless payments up to €100.00 using card. However, you will need to use Chip and PIN before making contactless payments.

Secondary Cards: The primary cardholder will need to activate the card within their online account.

3.How can I top-up my Sikirapay card?

See the step by step video guide on How to top up your card

or follow the written instructions below

Login to your account

  1. Click on “All Cards” (1)
  2. Click on the card number you want to Top up (2)
  3. Click on “Load” (3)
  4. Click on the Account holder name, in our case Sikira Invest AB (4)
  5. Click on the account number from which to Top up your card (5)
  6. Enter the Amount(6), in our case 10€
  7. Enter own reference (7)
  8. Click “Create” (8)
  9. Click “Send” (9)
  10. The transaction will instantly reflect on your card’s balance. In our case 10€ has been added to your card balance.              1234,5,6,7,8910

4. How to report Stolen , Freeze or Cancel my card

More details about “Freeze Card”, “Cancel Card”, Setup Secret Answer”

Freeze your card

When you click on Freeze Card, you will see… the picture below.

You should select an alternative that describes what happened to your card






In the Comment box, you can type a few words about the incident.

Click on the Green button to activate the selected alternative

Cancel your card

If you no longer want to use your card Click “Cancel Card”. In the Comment box, you can enter a few words about the reason for cancelling your card.

Click the Green button to activate selected alternative.

Once you have cancelled your card you can not reactivate it again. You will have to order a new card.

Set up secret answer

This is an extra layer of security to protect your from fraud.

Select the question and write the answer to that question. The answer is only known to you.

Whenever you want to make an online purchase you will be asked to enter your secret answer to make sure that it is you.

Green button – Red button

Green button

After you have selected an alternative you should click the Green button to activate the alternative….the picture below

Red button

If you do not want to activate the selected alternative click the Red button….the picture below

5.An additional card

1. Activate card (must be done by the account owner)

2.Register My Card (must be done by the card user )

Account owner:

You have to activate the additional card before the card can be used by the card user.

See the step by step video guide on How to activate the card


follow the written instructions below

Log in to your account at www.sikirapay.eu to activate the additional card.

2. Register My card

     Card user:

The account holder ordered an additional  Sikirapay Mastercard in your name. You have now received your card. You can use the card anywhere Mastercard is accepted as a payment method. The card belongs to the person who ordered the card. You will be registered as a user of the card. You cannot load the card, i.e you can not transfer money to the card. This is done by the individual who ordered the card, i.e the account holder.  

 To see your transactions and balance you must register a user account in your own name.

The procedure is simple. That takes approximately 2 minutes. Just See the step by step video guide on How to register an extra card user account “Register My card”


follow the written instructions below.

Lets start

Enter www.sikirapay.eu in your browser

You will see the image below

Click on “Register My Card”

Select a user name ( the image below)


You choose your user name. In the example below, I have used my email address as the user name. It’s the easiest to remember. You may select whatever user name you want.


Choose an email address and enter it in the box


Enter the same email address


Enter the code for the country you live in


Enter your mobile phone number

  1. Clicl on NEXT
  2. You will see the image below
  3.         Click on “Complete your registration”

    You will see the image below.

    Complete every step.SET PASSWORD

  4. The password must contain both uppercase and lowercase characters,

    numbers and special characters and be longer than 7 characters

    Click on “Complete now”

  5.  VERIFY YOUR MOBILE number.

    We have sent your mobile authorization code to your mobile.

    Enter the code in “ Please enter your SMS verification code” and click on “Complete now”


    Download the Google Authenticator App on your smart phone and scan in the QR code you received in the mail. Easiest way to do it is to use your computer and scan the QR code with your  mobile phone. You will have your own code. The image below shows demo code.

    When you scan it and it is setup on your device, please confirm the password it provides you.

    Click on “Complete now”

  6. Your registration is now complete. See image below.        

  7. You can now log in to  Sikirapay created for you. Your own account.

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