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Every bank is obligated to fight financial crime, and SikiraPay is committed to this responsibility. As a regulated entity, adhering to these legal mandates is not only our duty but a necessity.

At SikiraPay, ensuring the security and safety of the funds in your account is a priority we take very seriously. We utilize a variety of methods including automated systems, specialized teams, and machine learning to monitor transactions and behaviors within our network. We routinely perform checks across our vast number of customer accounts to identify and address any suspicious activities or misuse.

By law, SikiraPay must report any irregular activities we detect.

Occasionally, these findings might lead us to freeze accounts. Our goal is always to release any customer funds as swiftly as possible when permissible.

Our teams endeavor to limit any inconvenience while adhering to required procedures. However, during these periods, our customer service teams are not allowed to disclose specifics about the affected accounts, even to the owners. This restriction is in place because disclosure to anyone but the relevant authorities could potentially alert criminals and hinder ongoing investigations.

There are times when we might mistakenly suspect a legitimate customer of fraudulent activity if the evidence is not conclusive. When additional information is needed for a clearer understanding, we will reach out to gather more details. Decisions are often made based on the information available at the time.

While it’s challenging to always be correct, our teams are committed to resolving these issues promptly and continue to invest their efforts in minimizing errors while effectively combating crime.

As financial crime and online fraud evolve, SikiraPay remains dedicated to enhancing our measures against such threats in the digital realm, continuously updating our systems to keep pace with changing user behaviors and tactics employed by criminals.

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