What is Sikirapay Affiliate Partner Network


I would like to welcome you to the Sikirapay Affiliate Network.
I know that time is always an issue, so I will not be long. It will take you no more than two minutes to read about the essentials. If you would like more information, just send us an email and our team will provide you with the answers.

Sikirapay Affiliate Network is a network of creative people who find joy and satisfaction in bringing new ideas to market.

Sikirapay’s unique system of values and an ingenious and innovative direct and indirect sales model provide an environment where partners can flourish, be creative and develop their potential as well as the potential of the company.

We offer the most competitive compensation packages in the market, providing a lifetime income, financial freedom, emotional satisfaction and a chance to be part of something bigger.

Our Worldwide Bank Accounts and Sikirapay Mastercard are financial products that make everyday life easier and should be available to everyone.

I’m delighted to introduce you to our Affiliate platform, specifically designed to promote long-term growth and success.

Building a successful marketing network requires careful planning and strategic execution. Establishing a solid foundation of trust and mutual respect between all parties involved is essential. By working together towards a common goal, we can create a mutually beneficial relationship that will last for many years to come. Our partner programme promotes this type of long-term growth and success, and we’re looking forward to working with you to make it happen.

Our platform’s four pillars


With the world rapidly moving towards a cashless society, digital payment methods such as card payments, mobile payments and online transfers are becoming an integral part of our lives.

Our bank accounts and our Mastercard, the Sikirapay Mastercard, are accepted in over 210 countries worldwide. With its global reach and prepaid functionality, the Sikirapay Mastercard is the perfect way for you to make transactions quickly and securely, while benefiting from the convenience and security of the Sikirapay Mastercard.

You will be able to recommend these products for many years to come, allowing you to tap into the future and stay ahead of the game.


Based on our partners and  own experience, the affiliate platform has to be reliable, scalable and easy to use. We could not find one that met our requirements, so we created our affiliate platform. The platform is designed to meet current needs and is scalable for future requirements.


The maths is very simple. The more countries you work in, the more people you reach. The more customers you refer, the higher commissions you earn.

As our affiliate partner, you can promote our services worldwide. A bank account can be applied for from almost any country in the world and our Mastercard can be issued to residents of almost any European country. So your office is unique.

  1. COMMISSIONS      

You can earn commissions in a number of ways. You can read more about commissions in the “Commissions, Fees, FAQ” section. However, I would like to point out two things that are of crucial importance in this context:

1.Lifetime commissions

Your commission earnings are not limited to a one-time payment. You will continue to receive commissions as long as account users and affiliates in your network pay fees. We don’t call it revolutionary. We call it “fair play”.

2.You should be richly rewarded

Our affiliate network offers you a unique opportunity to create a steady stream of income. How much you earn depends entirely on your skills and efforts. The more you work, the more extensive the network you will create and, as a result, the higher the commissions you will earn. To find out more about what you can earn, click on “Commissions and how it works”.

In conclusion, I sincerely hope that the above brief presentation has made you realise, as I have, that this is a unique opportunity to work with the latest high technology in the world of finance and with a renowned brand, creating a steady source of income for you and for future generations.
Let’s explore the possibilities and see how we can make a positive difference to the industry.

We would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Please email us at partner@sikirapay.eu

Take care

Robert J. Wagner 

Sikirapay Marketing