What is Sikirapay Marketing Partner Network


As the name implies, Sikirapay’s marketing network is a network of creative people who find pleasure and satisfaction in bringing new ideas to market. We constantly look out for new partners and welcome you to our network.

I look forward to your joining us for a long-lasting and lucrative partnership.

For you to quickly understand how it works, In the following lines, I briefly describe what I consider most important in a successful marketing network and in establishing a long-term and prosperous relationship.

  1. The product(s) you can sell over many years
  2. The trusted – tailor-made marketing platform
  3. A large area with many people to work with
  4. Big commissions
  5. Lifelong commissions


The world, the European country, in particular, is rapidly moving toward a cashless society without anyone seeking our consent. So the “cash payments” will soon become something of the past”. Therefore, we have created our card so that everybody can tap into the future and have a card.

The Sikirapay Mastercard is a prepaid card everyone can have and is used in 210 countries worldwide. So undoubtedly you will be able to recommend it for many years to come.


According to our partners and own experiences, a marketing platform must be trustworthy, scalable and user-friendly. We could not find one that met our requirements, so we created our marketing platform with all features we could come up with for now. The platform is adapted to our current needs and scalable for future requirements.


The math is simple. The more countries you work in, the larger audience you reach. The more customers you recommend, the higher commissions you earn.

As our marketing partner, you will have an opportunity to work in every EU country from day one. We have reserved 27 EU countries for You. So your office is one of a kind.


You earn commissions in several ways. You can read more about commissions under “Commissions and how it works”. I want to highlight two things that I believe are important in this context:

1)Lifelong commissions

We think you are entitled to the commission not only once but as long as card users and partners in your Network pay the fees. So we do not call it revolutionary; we call it “Fair play”.

2)You should be richly awarded

Our marketing network provides you with a unique opportunity to earn money. How much you will do depends solely on your abilities and efforts.

See Example 1 below of what you could earn in commission if you recruited ten (10) marketing partners into your Network.


You have recruited 10 partners into your Network.

For each partner, you receive 120€ commission = 1200€.

Each one of your partners recruits 10 new partners.

Each partner = 120€ in commission.

10 x 10 = 100 partners x 120€= 12 000€

Now you have 100 partners in your Network.

Each one of your 100 partners recruits 10 new partners.

You have now 1000 partners in your Network.

1000 partners x 120€ = 120 000€.

Your Network includes 3 levels vertically and ends here. 

You can expand Infinitely in the horizontal direction.

And so on. The math is simple.

We suppose that each partner in your network sells 100 cards.

1000 partners x 100 cards = 100 000 cards x 3€ = 300 000€.


You started with 10 partners.

Recommend new partner commission = 120 000€

Card commission = 300 000€

As you are undoubtedly aware, this is only a projection of what you could earn in a commission if you devoted time and resources to the project. 

It is neither a commitment nor an obligation on the part of the SP.

In this short introduction, I sincerely hope you have recognized a unique opportunity to create a long-term revenue stream by working with one of the world’s most renowned brands.

Should you have any questions, we would be happy to provide you with an answer. Please, e-mail us at support@sikirapay.eu?

Take care

Robert J Wagner

CEO & Founder