Sikirapay cards FAQ

You have to log in to your Sikirapay bank account to choose Cards –  New Card or you can click this link to order a prepaid card. Your card  will be linked to your Sikirapay bank account. Note: You can only order a prepaid Mastercard if you have a current account with Sikirapay.


The Physical address

The address you have in one of the countries in Europe. To order our card you need to be domiciled in one of the European countries.

Shipping Address:
The address you want your card/cards to be delivered to.



Unfortunately, this option isn’t available. In order to get a card, you have to open an account with Sikirapay.


You may apply for the Sikirapay Mastercard if you have an address in any of the countries listed below.

CroatiaMonte Negro
Czech RepublicNetherlands
DenmarkNorth Macedonia
GibraltarSan Marino
 United Kingdom



Yes, your Sikirapay Mastercard card may be used anywhere in the world where it is accepted as a means of payment.


Once your account is approved, and y0u have placed the card order, given that you have paid the invoice of 13€ to cover KYC cost the card will usually reach you within 5-10 business days. Your card will be delivered by tracked mail, so you must pick it up in person at your local collection point. The card issue and postage cost of 12€ will be drawn from your account automatically, so please make sure you have enough money on the account.


Personal account: 3 physical cards per account holder. Virtual cards are not available now, coming soon.

Business account: a maximum of 5 cards (virtual or physical) for up to 5 cardholders per single Business account.

The name of card user will be imbossed on every card.



To order a card cost 12€. This amount is automatically debited your account. This amount covers card issue and tracked delivery cost.


For KYC, AML, PEP, and ATL checks regarding your account application, you will receive a 13€ invoice as soon as you begin your application.
This amount shall be paid immediately so we can process your application.


You can order two (2) additional cards per account. Every additional card cost 12€. (card production and tracked delivery cost to the address). This amount will be debited your account when you submit the card order.


Yes, you have to pay a monthly card fee of 3,5€ per card for each  additional card you have ordered. This monthly fee is automatically withdrawn from your bank account.


Yes, you have to pay this fee as soon as you have received an invoice from us. Your account wont be approved if you have not payed this amount.


Once you submit your application, a number of processes regarding your application are launched.
We have to pay our service suppliers for every commenced application in advance a sum of 13€. So, therefore, you have to pay this fee.
If you commenced the application process but changed your mind and want to cancel it, you can do that. Please send us an e-mail about cancelling.
The 13€ is not repayable.


You commenced an application process, but you changed your mind. If you want to cancel your application please email us, and we shall cancel the application. You will have to pay a €10 cancellation fee to cover our cancellation costs.


Your card/s can be delivered to the address of your choice.

Physical Address:
The address you have in one of the countries in Europe. To order our card you need to be domiciled in one of the European countries.
Shipping Address:
The address you want your card/cards to be delivered to. If you are unavailable at your physical address or the card receiver’s domicile is in another country, the card can be sent to the address.


To get an account in any bank in the world, your details must be registered. Most banks charge for it. This registration is done by our employees and we do not charge for registering your data.


Once your data is registered, a number of processes are initiated as part of your account application approval. These procedures are automatically carried out without our or your knowledge.
KYC- know your customer, AML-anti laundry, law, PEP- politically exposed persons, ATL- anti-terrorist law.
€13 covers the costs of completing these processes.


You pay 3.5€ per month or 42€ annually in card maintenance costs.


 You pay 3,5€ a monthly fee for per card. Suppose you have 3 cards. You will be charged 3 x 3,5€=15€ every month.  


Account monthly fee(All clients)

The account monthly fee of €5.5 will be debited to your account on the last day of each month.

Card monthly fee ( only clients holding cards)

A monthly fee of 3,5€ per  card will be debited your card account on the last day of each month.  

To avoid any potential fees or charges, make sure that you have enough funds in your accounts. 


The monthly fees are debited on the last day of each month.


At the moment, all cards are issued in EUR.


Now you have received your Sikirapay Mastercard. You will have to activate the card before using it.
All the card functions will be enabled when you make your first transaction at an ATM or a POS.
Please restrain from using the contactless feature to make your first transaction. Your first transaction must be made at a POS or an ATM to activate the card chip.

1 Sign the back of your card

Make sure you use a permanent ink pen.

2 Activate your card

Log into your Sikirapay account at online and click the ‘Activate’ button.

3 Retrieve Your PIN

You will be given your PIN at the point of activation. You can change your PIN online at or by using PIN services at a Cash Machine. Do not write your PIN down or disclose it to anyone.

Click on “Change Pin”

Enter new pin

Click on “Submit”

You can use your PIN in conjunction with your card to make purchases without cash wherever you see the MasterCard logo, wherever the merchant is equipped with terminals capable of handling PIN’s. You can obtain cash from an ATM should your card allow.

As your card is contactless, you can pay for items worth up to €100. You will need to use Chip and PIN first before you can make contactless payments.

Secondary Cards:

1. Before using the card the primary cardholder (you) will need to activate the card within your online account.

2. The secondary card can be delivered to the address anywhere in the world.

2. Ente the extra cards user name when you order the card(s).


Choose the Cards section in your Client office, follow the instructions below.

The transaction will instantly reflect on your card’s balance.

1. Click on “All Cards” (1)
2. Click on the card number you want to Top-up (2)
3. Click on “Load” (3)
4. Click on the Account holder name, in our case Sikira Invest AB (4)
5. Click on the account number from which to Top up your card (5)
6. Enter the Amount(6), in our case 10€
7. Enter your reference (7)
8. Click “Create” (8)
9. Click “Send” (9)
10. You will see your card balance.
In our demo case, 10€ has been added to your card balance.








You will be given your PIN at the point of activation. You can change your PIN online at or by using PIN services at a Cash Machine. Do not write your PIN down or disclose it to anyone.

Click on “Change Pin”

Enter new pin

Click on “Submit”


Yes, all Sikirapay cards support contactless payments.


The limit is set by the merchant’s bank, guided by World Payment Systems. Usually the limit is between 100 EUR. Nevertheless, all the limits for transactions being set up on the card in accordance to the tariff plan assigned remain the same.


3D Secure is a feature that creates an additional security layer for e-commerce card transactions.

All Sikirapay cards are equipped with 3D Secure.


You can check the card limits here: “Card Fees”. In order to raise your card limit, please contact our Cards team via chat or at


You can withdraw money from your Sikirapay card in any ATM that supports Mastercard. Please note that there are limits on withdrawals in place.


Yes, you can pay online with your Sikirapay card. Please be sure that the balance of the card is higher than the amount of the transaction you wish to perform.


If you have lost your card  you should immediately log into your account to click FREEZE . Select one of the options that describes why you want to FREEZE your card. Confirm by clicking on the green square.

When you find your card log in to your account and click on “Unfreeze”. You card will be active again.


If you card has been stolen  you should immediately log into your account to click on CANCEL. Write your comment why you want to CANCEL your card. Confirm by clicking on the green square. 

Once you have CANCELLED your card you can not reactivate the card. You will get a new card.


One month before your card expires, you will receive a card replacement notification. In the same notification you will be asked to indicate your address for card delivery. Note: Please note that once you receive your new card, you must activate it through the Sikirapay web Client office or via the mobile app.


Yes. To do so log into your account to click on FREEZE. Select the option why you want to block your card. Write your comment. Confirm by clicking the green square.


Yes. The company can issue up to 5 cards to one account. For more details, please contact our Customer Support team via chat or at


For Account holder/individual who ordered a card:

You have to activate the additional card before the card can be used by the person you want to have the card.

To activate the extra(secondary) card, log in to your account at

You will see the cards you have ordered. Click the card account you want to activate.

When you have activated the extra card, you should inform the extra card user so the extra card user can register their own account.(sub-account). In doing so, the additional card user can see the card balance, transactions etc.

For Extra Card users/individuals who use the card:

The account holder ordered a Sikirapay Mastercard in your name. You have now received your card. The card belongs to the person who ordered the card. You are registered as a card user. You cannot load the card, i.e. you can not transfer money to the card. 

You must register a user account in your name to see your transactions and balance.

The procedure is simple. It takes approximately 2 minutes. Just follow the instructions.

Got to

Click “Register my card.”

Follow instructions


To apply for our card, you need to be 18 years of age.
We are working to lower that limit, but for the time being, you must be 18 years old.


I suppose your father has an account with us. Each card bears the user’s name. Your father can not order an extra card with your name on the card. To get your name on the card, you must be 18 years old.


The answers to these and other questions regarding cards and accounts limits you may find at our site

Click on:


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