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Pay with your Mastercard, worldwide

Your perfect travel companion, SikiraPay Mastercard debit cards are accepted worldwide and offer zero foreign transaction fees when spending abroad—with no mark ups or extra charges.

Want to shop while traveling the world? Use your debit SikiraPay Mastercard to pay in stores, online, and in-app while abroad—no matter where you are.



Simple application – apply directly on the website



We don’t make credit checks when approving applications



Safer than cash, your money is protected if your card is lost or stolen



Shop safely via an app, online or in store



Use your card worldwide- everywhere Mastercard is accepted

  • Simple and easy online application in your client area.
  • The only requirements: You are 18 years old and have an EU address.
  • No credit checks, everyone is approved
  • Safer than cash, your money is protected if your card is stolen or lost.
  • 3D Secure online purchase. Every transaction must be verified by you using your Google Authenticator one-time codes.
  • Use your card in more than 210 countries (where ever Mastercard is accepted as  payment).
  • Send money to your family and friends wherever they are. FREE of CHARGE.
  • Send money between accounts. FREE of CHARGE.
  • Support for multiple currencies – perfect for travel abroad.
  • Perfect card for internet shopping, deposit as much money as you plan to spend. Easy to top up.
  • You can get 3 physical cards. Keep the main card yourself and send the secondary cards to a family member or friend.
  • You pay monthly fee only for the primary card. The Additional cards are free of charge.
  • Every additional card comes with the card user name.
  • Every card (primary or additional) will be delivered to the address of your choice worlwide.
  • You get an INTERNATIONAL IBAN account with your card.
  • Take control of your finances. Easy to read and understand transaction accounting. Sort your purchases by category to see what you spend your money on.
  • Save money for your holidays or for unexpected situations or why not for a small gift to yourself. 
  • On average, it takes 5 to 14 days for your MasterCard to be delivered to your address.
  • Card cost only €3.5 per month.

SikiraPay MasterCard - Made Just For You

Monthly card fee per card 


Card load fee0.348%
ATM cash withdrawal2,0€
POS purchases


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