How to Open an Online Bank Account in Sweden

how to open a online bank account in Sweden

Are you living in Sweden and looking to open an online bank account? Your search ends here, with SikiraPay!

This article will walk you through the straightforward process of online account opening, whether you’re an EU resident/citizen or not, and whether you’re seeking a personal or corporate account. Let’s dive into the details!

Financial Landscape in Sweden

Renowned for its robust economy, stability, and technological advancements, Sweden provides an ideal environment for individuals and businesses to effortlessly manage their finances. Opening a payment account grants access to a broad spectrum of financial services, including seamless online banking and secure payment options.

Required Documents for Bank Account Opening with Sikirapay

To initiate an account opening with Sikirapay you’ll need to gather essential documents. While specific requirements may vary among financial service providers, we at Sikirapay require the following two documents :

  • Valid ID: Residents and non-residents alike must present an  ID card or Driving license or passport for identity verification.
  • Proof of Address: A proof of residential address, which can be in the form of a recent utility bill, rental agreement, telephone subscription invoice etc. Your name must be shown on the document.

Processing Time for Bank account Opening

On average the process takes maximum of 2 days.

Opening a Payment Account Without Proof of Address in Sweden

While proof of address is generally required, alternatives exist for non-residents lacking a Swedish address. Digital banking providers or electronic money institutions (EMIs) offer solutions for non-EU residents to open accounts  without the need for proof of address in Sweden. You can open a bank account with Sikirapay if you can  present a proof of address in any of European countries.

With a streamlined process, individuals and businesses worldwide can easily open a bank account with Sikirapay (IBAN, BIC, SWIFT) without unnecessary bureaucracy.

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