How to Open a Payment Account Online in Spain

How to Open a Payment Account Online in Spain

Learn how to open a payment account online in Spain and what documents you require for fastest opening of a bank account.

On the off chance that you move to Spain for any reason, you’ll certainly require a installment account and a card, regardless of whether you’re an expat, а consultant, or moving for commerce. Superb nation: lovely design, break, tapas, and el cerveza – all the things that make Spain so extraordinary!

But the budgetary framework in Spain has a few room for enhancement, as monetary educate regularly require a face-to-face assembly to open an account. A few of them may charge a expense for opening an account.

The sum of the charge can change, so it is critical to check with the budgetary administrations supplier to discover out what expenses are appropriate. This applies to both individual and commerce installment accounts in Spain.

The stars and cons of opening an account for executing in Spain


Get to to the European money related framework:
Opening a installment account in Spain gives you get to to the Spanish and European monetary frameworks. This implies that you simply can make installments, exchange cash and get installments from other individuals in Spain. You’ll be able too utilize your account to pay for products and administrations in Spain.
Lower expenses:
The expenses in Spain are for the most part lower than those within the UK, which can lead to long-term reserve funds. Investigate choices such as EU online keeping money suppliers, as they frequently offer decreased expenses.
Spanish money related teach are exceptionally secure and the money related framework is directed by the Spanish government, so your cash is secure.
Having an account in Spain makes you qualified for a credit/payment card that you simply can utilize for buys in Spain. In any case, it’s similarly adequate to have an account/card from any EU nation in EUR.


Dialect obstruction:
Numerous Spanish money related teach don’t give administrations in English, which can be challenging on the off chance that you don’t talk Spanish. It’s a great thought to look for a money related administrations supplier that gives an app in English.
Different regulations:
Spanish managing an account controls are diverse from those in other nations. This implies simply may experience startling expenses or necessities. But you’ll effortlessly choose a European e-money institution to open a euro IBAN account, not to bother.
Constrained get to:
Spanish teach regularly have restricted online keeping money administrations, which can confine get to to your funds. Consider investigating options by conducting a web look or basically taking after the links within the web journal post.
Troublesome to open:
You will experience challenges with traditional financial educate. Be beyond any doubt the alternative of opening an EU installment account with one of the numerous EMIs (electronic money institutions).
Arranging your visit in advance, including checking the trade hours, is advisable. Additionally, consider opening your account online at a fintech company to spare time.

What do I have to be open a installment account in Spain?

To open an account in Spain, you will require to supply your international id / ID, confirmation of address (e.g. a duplicate of a rental contract), prove of your pay or budgetary status, and verification of your current work status.

You will too ought to give extra printed material, such as a certificate of home or tax card, depending on the bank. The interpretation into Spanish will require additional costs. And it is really irritating.

But apart from the reports recorded over you’ll require a Spanish NIE number (Número de Identificación de Extranjeros), a individual special nonnative distinguishing proof number. This appears to be one of the foremost overwhelming errands. After you are orchestrating your life in a new country and you’ve got a thousand things to do, getting the NIE number is the least you’ll want.

Hence, consider elective online EMI accounts, like at You’ll open a individual account in a couple of clicks, virtual or physical cards will be sufficient for all financial routine needs. And for trade or exchanging or exercises, a trade account with a European IBAN is basically a godsend. If there’s an opportunity to simplify your life – simplify it. Printed material is unquestionably not for everyone, you should apply online sitting in your own chair than stand in line at the department or interpret records into Spanish.

A direct to opening an account in Spain for non-residents

It is conceivable for outsiders and non-EU inhabitants to open an account online in Spain. However, certain money related teach may require extra documentation and require proof of home, and verification of salary, for beyond any doubt.

  • Select a provider. Investigate diverse choices in Spain to discover one that meets your needs.
  • Accumulate the essential records. Be aware that there’s a difference in the list of required documents for corporate and individual /specialist payment accounts. Ensure you have got the suitable documentation based on your account type. Your passport and a UK utility charge are adequate for opening a individual account at
  • Check the fees and rates. Pay near consideration to the opening/onboarding charge and when it is charged. At Sikirapay, opening a individual account is free. For business accounts, the onboarding expense is charged as it were after your account is open, with no prepayments.
  • Apply online. On the off chance that you have any issues, do not falter to look for help from the client support team, which is reachable via mail, phone, or chat. At, you can directly interface with an English-speaking manager, in real-time by phone.
  • Complete the confirmation prepare and actuate your computerized managing an account account. Normally, you’ll get a affirmation e-mail to set your password. Mostly, an app and web client office are available.
  • Arrange your installment card. After enacting your account, you’ll be able easily ask a card – whether virtual or plastic – directly from the app.
  • Make a deposit in case essential. While most computerized managing an account suppliers stipulate an introductory store for account opening, it’s basic to inquire about the least store prerequisite. Consider selecting for suppliers like SikiraPay that have no starting store requirements.

How to open an account in Spain from overseas?

Depending on your needs, you should investigate the diverse monetary administrations providers in Spain and in Europe to choose which one is best for you.

Consider variables such as fees, services, convenience, and customer service in English. You will ought to give a valid universal passport, proof of address, and some of the time verification of income. After researching the site or reaching the financial institution via phone or mail, you can get comprehensive informational on the following steps.

Can I open a understudy account in Spain?

Yes, it is conceivable to open a student account in Spain. Most Spanish monetary educate offer student accounts that have special benefits such as lower fees and higher intrigued rates. You’ll have to be give your student ID and proof of address in Spain in order to open an account.

Which banking provider is best for my needs?

This address is difficult to reply as there are numerous different Spanish and European budgetary administrations suppliers to choose from and it’ll depend on your person needs.

In reality, the geological location of the fintech company or budgetary services provider, whether it’s in Spain, Lithuania, or Malta, isn’t a vital figure.

This vast array of choices can lead to hours of investigate and comparison. What genuinely things is that the account comes with a European IBAN, works in Euros (or offers a multi-currency account), and the unwavering quality of the supplier you select.

In this regard, has been working since 2018, reliably conveying on its guarantees.

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