How it works

Once your Marketing Partner application  is approved you will receive an email from us.

You may SIGN IN to your account at Navigate through the account to learn about features you will be using later on.

To start inviting people to register for the card, click on the “Invite user” button.

Your unique tracking code is already inserted into the button “Invite user.”

Your unique tracking code is your identification card within our system. The code stores transactions associated with you in 3 partner levels deep vertically and infinite number of partners horizontally,  and reports them to your partner account.

You may insert your unique tracking code in the advertising banner on your website or in a link in an email that you send to potential customers or display visibly on the flyers you distribute to potential Prepaid Sikirapay Mastercard holders.

Every new partner or card request associated with your link is listed in your partner account and forms the basis for calculating the commission.

You can sign in to your partner account at any time to view a current balance.

For example; how many direct partners you have recruited to your network, how many partners you have in your network (direct & indirect), your partner commission, your card commission, total commission for period etc.  and much more.

We manage and maintain your partner account, so you do not have to worry about it.