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Sikirapay provides digital money management solutions to customers all over the world. You can open an account with us regardless of your citizenship or financial history; however, there is a list of countries that we do not onboard clients from. You can find the full list of Blacklisted jurisdictions on the dedicated web page:

Blacklisted countries

To apply for a Sikirapay account, you can follow one of two methods. If you’ve received an email invitation from our partners, simply follow the link provided in the email. Alternatively, you can visit our website,, and click on “Open Personal Account” for individuals or “Open Corporate Account” for businesses.

1. You receive an email invitation from our partners

2. You go to to  click on “Open Personal Account” for private individuals, or “Open Corporate Account” for businesses.

To learn how to fill out an account application form, you can view our video guide on our website by going to and clicking on


“Frequently Asked Questions” 

“How to fill in an account opening application form.”

After submitting your application form, our Compliance Team will review it. This process typically takes 2-5 business days. In some cases, we may require additional information to complete the procedure in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Once your application is reviewed, you’ll receive an email instructions from our Compliance Team to complete your account registration.

To log in to your existing application, you can simply paste the link provided in into your browser.

Two-step verification provides a second layer of protection when logging in.
Choosing strong, unique passwords for your online accounts is essential in ensuring that your personal information remains private. You must enable 2-step verification in your Google Account to use Google Authenticator. Get started by visiting

You can find a Google Authenticator in the App store and Google Play.

  1. Download Google will see image below
  2. Go to
  3. Follow instructions

It is an identity verification procedure powered by our partner and performed online. 

Sikirapay’s partner UAB Pyrros has been granted an Electronic money institution license Nr. 38, issued by the National Bank of Lithuania and conducts business under the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, according to the EU Directive (2009/110/EC) and the EU Directive (2015/2366) on EU comprehensive payment services. Therefore, we are legally required to verify your identity before we can open a Sikirapay account for you.
The ID verification procedure is a legally compliant remote identification process designed to comply with the latest banking regulations and laws and the Anti Money Laundering Act (AML).

At the moment, the minimum age for becoming a Sikirapay client is 18. We are working to lower it down in the future, developing products for younger generations.

How do EMIs Surpass Traditional Banks?

EMI-licensed businesses can offer a range of e-finance services and solutions to private and corporate clients. The EMIs offer the same services as traditional banks but with the added benefit of innovative features.

Choosing an EMI

With so many EMIs in the market, choosing the right one that meets your business or personal banking needs can be quite challenging. EMIs vary greatly in terms of the business models they use, as well as methods of operation and the existing selection of banking services.

It’s important to remember that each EMI has its unique set of services and fees, so it’s best to list your requirements and select an EMI that can best fulfil them.

3 benefits of EMIs

State-of-the-Art Solutions

Enhanced Risk Protection and AML Procedures

Understanding the Internet, digital world and global online environment

More on benefits of EMIs

  1. State-of-the-Art Solutions

The world of Fintech has brought about some fantastic advancements. Modern banking systems, upgraded designs, and improved user interfaces are just a few of the state-of-the-art solutions now available. EMI companies, in particular, are leading the charge with cutting-edge systems and general innovation that is a step above conventional banking. The user experience is superior, thanks to new fingerprint and face login authentication technologies. With EMIs, you can enjoy the convenience of having just one login process that covers a whole range of services. Overall, it’s an exciting time to be a part of the Fintech world! 

  1. Enhanced Risk Protection and AML Procedures

As a relatively new development in the financial industry, EMIs have advanced internal systems allowing them to monitor online activity and detect suspicious behaviour. This is a feature not commonly found in traditional banking systems. All financial services providers need to follow the rules regarding anti-money laundering to avoid any problems with their licenses. If a financial institution cannot audit customer account activity, it could risk its license.

  1. Understanding the Internet, digital world and global online environement

Financial institutions must keep up with the ever-evolving digital world and global online environment to better serve the needs of modern clients. Many traditional banking institutions may need to gain the necessary understanding of new start-up businesses and their digital needs. Still, EMIs are specifically designed to meet those needs and provide top-notch user experiences. These ambitious and motivated start-ups can identify with modern corporate clients and recognize their unique needs much better than old-school banking institutions.

What are the benefits of becoming a payment institution for a corporate entity?

Becoming a payment institution involves meeting legal requirements specific to the business model of handling or initiating payments. These requirements are lower than those for becoming a bank. The Payment Services Directive (PSD) aims to harmonize the EU payments industry, allowing payment institutions to obtain a “passport” to offer services in other EU member-states and establish branches there. This is an opportunity for new players and established businesses to expand across the EU, achieve efficiency gains, introduce standardization, and implement cost savings. Obtaining authorization as a payment institution strengthens a firm’s market leadership position and ensures greater security for clients. The license is only granted when the regulator is fully satisfied with the institution’s level of capital, adequately implemented controls and governance, reliable systems and risk monitoring, effective communication of identity and services, due diligence on clients, safeguarding of clients’ funds, and risk mitigation measures.

What are the benefits for consumers?

For customers who have previously used non-banks for payment services, it is now possible to feel confident that their provider has been properly authorized and registered and is being supervised by the financial authorities in the provider’s home country. Payment institutions must follow EU regulations, including anti-money laundering, fraud prevention, terrorist financing etc. They must operate in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations as an international payment service provider. This provides customers of payment institutions with certainty that their provider offers trustworthy solutions and that their payments are processed safely and securely. Consumers greatly benefit from the availability of “passported” cross-border services, which are harmonized and standardized within the EU economic environment. Payment institutions have also developed innovative solutions such as cards and prepaid products. They offer online and mobile payment solutions, e-wallets and international remittance services on a scale larger than traditional banks. As a result, there is an increase in competition among banks, payment institutions and e-money issuers, which inevitably creates more options and new possibilities for the consumer choice of provider. At the same time, clients are more likely to demand higher standards of quality, greater convenience of payment execution and faster turnaround.

Seven Myths about EMI’s you need to stop believing

Millions all around the world have already taken advantage of EMIs.

Technological innovations have revolutionized the financial industry in recent years. More and more people tend to avoid interactions with traditional banks, as they have become way too expensive and inconvenient for a person with a busy lifestyle.

Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs) have become a life-saving alternative, stepping in to bring customers a unique online banking experience.

As an EMI client, you don’t need to visit a physical branch and loose time waiting in line to conduct a simple operation. Instead, you can use your gadget with an Internet connection, which is always somewhere around.

Let’s take a close look and recap what EMIs are all about.

An electronic money institution is a financial industry participant licensed by the respective country’s Central Bank, in our case the Central Bank of Lithuania , which gives it the right to issue electronic money.

The latter is pre-paid monetary value that can be used for payment purposes and is issued by an EMI and stored on electronic devices.

 An EMI license also authorizes it to perform money remittances, and payment transactions, provide deposit and withdrawal services, perform direct debit or credit transfers and other essential banking operations.

Millions of individuals worldwide have already taken advantage of such solutions, but some still perceive EMIs sceptically.


We hope this chart has made the main benefits EMIs provide stand out to you. Now let’s continue with busting the main myths around the industry.

We aim to bust the top 7 myths about EMIs, which you need to stop believing in.

Myth 1

Your money is not safe with EMI

If you’re someone who’s only ever used traditional banking services, you might be worried about the lack of human interaction when it comes to things like depositing or withdrawing money. And with all the recent data breaches, it’s natural to question the reliability of EMIs. But we’re here to tell you that those fears are unfounded. EMIs are actually very reliable and trustworthy. They’re licensed by credible authorities like the Bank of Lithuania, in our case, and they’re regulated and supervised by that same institution. The Bank of Lithuania takes a number of measures to ensure that EMIs are fulfilling their responsibilities and have strong internal controls and management in place. Employees are held to high standards of competence, and the internal organization of an EMI is designed to ensure top-level risk prevention and mitigation procedures.

We take our clients’ money very seriously and make sure it is stored safely under the jurisdiction of Lithuania. Our top priority is to ensure that our clients’ money is not used for our internal EMI needs. The client’s money is kept on the separate account and no one has access to the account except the account holder. EMI has not the access to the clients money and consequently can not use the clients money for the internal purposes.

We adhere to best practices and employ advanced AML and Risk Procedures to monitor online activities, detect any suspicious operations, and take necessary measures to mitigate any risky situations. You can trust that we take these responsibilities very seriously and prioritize your safety and security.

Myth 2


If you’re worried about data breaches, rest assured that EMIs have a variety of modern and innovative instruments for high-level protection of stored data.

EMIs take data security seriously and have implemented two-factor or multifactor authentication, encrypted transactions, and firewalls to ensure the safety of your information. We constantly search for the best security tools to comply with legal requirements and provide the best services possible.

Myth 3


One common concern about online banking is the lack of face-to-face interaction with bank employees. However, it’s important to remember that human error can often lead to mistakes in the banking system. This is where EMIs come in – with electronic device access, you can manage your operations yourself and avoid any potential misunderstandings that may arise from interacting with bank employees. EMIs also prioritize customer service and support, constantly working to improve their offerings and ensure convenience for users. With advancements in AI and Robo-advisory, as well as a dedicated online Customer Support team, EMIs provide an exceptional user experience and quickly address any concerns.

Myth 4


When you open an account with our EMI, we make it our main goal to help you save time for more important activities. Our apps and online platforms are incredibly easy to navigate, constantly upgraded and revised to ensure the interface is as user-friendly as possible. You’ll be able to complete your everyday banking tasks in just a few clicks, saving you from the lengthy lines in physical bank branches. It’s important to note that having a good Internet connection is key to ensuring your navigation speed is fast. With our simple app and client-office interface, you can save hours you would otherwise spend in a traditional bank. We use the technology of the future and necessary APIs and partnerships to bring you an experience you can trust and rely on.

Myth 5


Many people considering switching to EMIs services are sceptical about how easy it is to use them. However, in today’s world, even three-year-olds can easily navigate electronic devices and find things on YouTube. EMIs’ developers understand that not everyone is tech-savvy, so they’ve invested much time and money into making the user experience simple yet comprehensive. 

EMIs’ marketing team is constantly seeking feedback to improve their services. They listen to customers’ comments and suggestions and implement enhancements accordingly. Easy navigation is a core goal of their products and services. 

If you find modern apps and websites confusing, don’t worry. It’s only a matter of time before you get used to them. It’s like getting to know a new device or gadget. And if you need help, customer support is always available. Remember, EMI is dedicated to making your experience professional, simple, and safe.

Myth 6


Of coursethere will always be loyal traditional bank users who will consider their services more convenient. For the people who want to

keep up with modern trends, though, the digital services EMIs provide outperform any other alternative.

Think about it: an EMI’s app and website are available 24/7, 365 days a year. You don’t have to wait until Monday to execute a transaction that must reach the receiver as soon as possible. You can also use your smartphone to check your balance, view transaction history, pay bills, send money, and so much more, even at night. Why not use such a convenient channel to handle the daily financial routine?

It is also true that such an operation as a check deposit would be highly problematic. Yet, checks are swiftly vanishing from the financial industry and might disappear for good in the upcoming years. Besides, there are always workarounds and convenient ways to solve any problem.

Myth 7


This is another false alarm about online transactions being slower with EMIs compared to traditional banks. EMIs work with many third parties and utilize various APIs to ensure that transactions are processed quickly and efficiently. Of course, there may be exceptions here and there, but overall, EMIs have a well-developed network of partners that helps them fulfil their customers’ desire for speedy transactions.



EMIs (Electronic Money Institutions) provide a range of benefits to their clients across four primary dimensions.

Firstly, EMIs are innovative, offering state-of-the-art core banking systems and enhanced UX and UI to deliver a superior customer experience. 

Secondly, EMIs are convenient, allowing clients to execute transactions from any place, at any time, with credible authorities, such as the Bank of Lithuania, in our case, conducting supervisory and regulatory checks to maintain the security of customers’ money. 

Thirdly, EMIs are simple, with user-friendly services and intuitive interface features that require no technical knowledge, supported by customer support teams available 24/7 via phone call, chat box, and email. 

Finally, EMIs are time-efficient, offering faster transfers between virtual accounts than traditional transfers and eliminating the need to visit physical bank branches and stand in long lines. Join EMIs today and experience the future of the banking industry!










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